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This past week I worked on Meowgical Tower for GameBoy Jam 3, play it for free!

Got some inspiration last night so I made a quick mock for a Contra style game.
High Score table for the upcoming Shutshimi v1.1! Simulated name entry!
Made a font for Shutshimi v1.1, thought I’d share it!
Bouncy cage I made for Sprites.CSV, I hope we come back to this one!
A little mock I did for fun a little back, it might turn into a game.
We showed Shutshimi at Bit Bazaar last weekend. Garrett so kawaii!!!
The Sprites didn’t all make it in the final Ludum Dare build, here’s the rest.
I took part in making a little game for Ludum Dare, Sprites.CSV. 
Made myself a business card.